Travel Bitters: Craft Bartending On-The-Go

Bitter Truth Bitters

Imagine enjoying craft-caliber cocktails at the local dive bar or a perfect Old Fashion on the road from your carry-on bag.

When infusions and shrubs aren’t an option, its amazing how a quick splash of bitters can elevate the typical ‘shot and beer joint’ offerings to a craft bar experience. Yet lugging around the Angostura’s and Peychaud’s may be a little cumbersome, if not pretentious.

The Bitter Truth Traveler’s Set

Bitter Truth ends this dilemma with their Cocktail Bitter’s Traveler’s Set, a handsome little tin containing five classic profiles, perfect for crafting the classic or inventing your own unique libations.

Profiles include Celery Bitters (perfect for bloodys), Orange Bitters, Creole Bitters, Old Time Aromatic Bitters and Jerry Thomas’ Own Decanter Bitters.

Whether picnics at the beach, the company softball games or that late-night rendezvous, drinking on-the-go just got fancy.


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Bitter Truth Bitters