The Chicago Cow - A Malort Mule With Orange Notes


Malort Mule Cocktail

The Moscow Mule has certainly become the ‘It’ cocktail. First popularized in the era of Hollywood supper clubs and desert lounges, the ginger beer, copper-mugged sensation has reemerged as the staple of today’s top craft bars…yawn.

I verily cannot accept that with all the wild libations spawn through the ages, The Great Cocktail Revival is being defined by yet another damn vodka drink.

Why not something a little less neutral? Why not ANYTHING with some freakin flavor? Why not Malort!

Yes, Malort. That bitter, gasoline tasting, kick-in-the-mouth found in every old man tavern and hipster bar throughout Chicago. Tastee.

Therefore, I’m upping ante on that tired old Mule. I present a new beast, with a kick strong enough to burn down an entire city. Mrs. O’Leary, this one’s for you.


1/2 oz. Malort

1 -1/2 oz. Irish Whiskey

4 oz. Ginger Beer

Orange wedge (Burnt, of course.)

Serve over crushed ice

Malort Cocktail