Pepinorita - A Smoky Cucumber Margarita

Pepinorita - Smoky Cucumber Margarita

When crafted well, the cucumber margarita can be a light and refreshing variance to what is traditionally a notoriously sugary genre.

The cucumber fruit’s delicate melon-like flavor balances perfectly with citrus while its fresh, watery finish leaves plenty of room for good tequila to shine.
With this lighter profile, the cocktail also makes the perfect canvas for subtle interpretations.

Here I paint with the broad strokes of Don Amado, detailing with the finer brushes of agave syrup and Mexican sea salt. The mezcal brings in a light smokiness as the nectar offers a sweet complexity that plain simple syrup cannot lend. Finished with a Flor Blanca rim, the minerality and ‘fluffy’ texture of the salt is the perfect first impression to this lively libation.


2 oz Don Amado Mezcal

1 oz Fresh Lime Juice

1 oz Agave Syrup

4 Slices of Cucumber

Flor Blaca Sea Salt


Muddle 3 peeled cucumber slices in a cocktail shaker along with mezcal.
Add fresh lime juice and agave syrup and shake with ice. Strain into glass.
Garnish with an unpeeled cucumber wheel and finish with a sea salt rim.